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What are the fifty steps to quit right now and become wealthy and rich! Find out!

Disclaimer:  This is nothing personal against anyone, it is just a blog. The main thing is to understand that if you practice this:  Life does not owe you nothing because you owe everything to life, buy also enjoying to: Be lazy and resist action Be a close minded Think life to be complicated These are difficult times Just learn little less Sleep more Wake up late Buy at bargain store Things are less possible this days Put water to increase shampoo Try to spend in waste Be cherishing scarcity Stay confused Never think you worth a penny Never be enough Have no goals or needs Why to even take a shower if you gonna be dirty again Get unhealthy habits and vicious addictions Just complain constantly as much as possible Care about nobody Life is against you Stay depressed Blame everyone else Compare yourself to others Share the least you have, but save the means Be stingy Leave everything to be done later Remember your childhood trauma Hate on them, be disrespectful  Be arrogant when listen

Is it possible to earn money by doing nothing? Click here and Find out!

You clicked and... Definitely, I can see the concern about getting money by doing nothing BUT! I must tell you that the answer is NO! It is a no, no! Because money is made out of  energetic currency and flow of life, you need to light the flame of it with any type of action by little it may seem to be. What does this mean? This means, we must do something, unleash something, always before, in order to get a wealth or money result, it is similar like planting a seed, you may need to act upon something in someway, and start harvesting the value regarding to what it has been done first.   Money is the result of an energetic currency that has  been activated by yourself in someway. Let me bring up here some example  stories: Story:  How to give, for the person who consider to have nothing? A POOR MAN ASKS BUDDHA: A poor man asked the Buddha, “Why am I so poor?” The Buddha said, “You have not learned how to give.” So the poor man said, “But I have nothing left to give?” Buddha said: “You ha

What are the Lamkala's Services?

Enriching People's lives! Supporting people transforming themselves, flowering their lives by implementing empowering cognitions. is an entertainment and educational business brand founded by Paule Landinez. It is Lamkala's mission to enrich people's lives by sharing empowering and artistic content, spreading appreciation and implementing Social Media Blogging as well as fomenting an space for classical music, also providing a variety of uplifting topics and ways to cope with life situations. Services include: Therapeutic Art Life Coaching (Includes Piano and Painting Lessons) Health Coaching (Yoga) Wealth Advice Personal-Spiritual Coaching (Tarot Guidance) Social Media Blogging Bilingual in English & Spanish Online Consultation and Assistance Life Enriching & Empowering Over 10 Years of Experience Professional Life Coach Science of Inner Awakening guide Lamkala strives to help people transform themselves, improving their lives by empowering

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