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What is the secret of Gemini? Reveled and Exposed!

Its astonishing the realization that no matters what really happens,  people will always opinionate in different several ways. One day, you realize nobody needs anything. Because existence is mutually provided. The sole yearning desire, the need to be good and pure,  is a factual reflection of the paradox of ego pleasing,  as well as the yearning desire to be and do the opposite,  in any case, the projections,  levels and variety of identities is a constant byproduct of certain cosmic dimensions.  All of them, irrelevant to the cosmic royal reality. An Illusion is Maya, Maya is an illusion, An Illusion is something unstable, Unstable is an Illusion, A lie is an illusion, an illusion is a lie, When someone lies to others, it lies to itself, Cheating is never a gift to the Royalty Royalty is never conquered by cheaters But When Royalty meets Maya They become irrelevant to each other. When love meets hate and hate meets love They realize the idiosyncrasy of their size. Because their size

Poem ¨Royalty is¨

Royalty is truthful,  Truthful is Royalty,  because its Real,   Its Real as its eternal, Real because its not an Illusion, Its Real because its Royal, Its Real as the cosmos is Royal, Real Royalty is never entitled,  As it is Real titles are irrelevant , Royalty is Royalty unintentionally,  Meaningfully Royalty is Royalty. By Paule Landinez

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