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What's the meaning of a good sweet relationship?

Friendship is Not a business relationship,  Friendship is sincerely caring and sharing life  together. Marriage is Not a business relationship, Marriage is a loving Union between sweethearts. Loving engagement is Not a business relationship  or coaching psychological therapy advice. Loving engagement is yearning day by day  t o provide the best of each other equally. Hypocrisy is Not friendship, Honest care and communication is friendship. Friend is Not someone that wants you in private but not in public. Friend is someone that wants you in anyplace of their lives  because they value you and appreciate you. A friend or a lover is never anyone  that could feel any type of superiority or jealousy against you. A friend or a lover is always someone  who see themselves in you and share their existence along with yours. Although all of those negatives happen to mix, by different life reasons,  it's just a casualty that misses the real pure concept of it. A good sweet relationship, friend

What is the meaning of Love?

  Have you found yourself wondering what is love?   What is all about the so called ¨ having a crush¨ on someone? In order for us to discover love, sometimes we must go through displeasing situations that makes us appreciate the meaning of love, and sometimes it just does not happen that way. May be, Somehow, Some people have lost or never understood the meaning of love, Love goes beyond seeming lovable, someone can seem kind and soft but its just an hypocrite that really does not care about the transcendental meaning of what goes beyond superficialities, it could appear to be just as a manipulative tactic, as a public image, as a marketing, or as a social manner, but in reality the meaning of love goes beyond not only being superficial but authentic, it could mean that may be someone got angry but still cares, integrated in a way that there is factual care, in devotional feelings and compassion to involve with the loving point, that which is your loving focus, it can be you, someone

Why Lamkala's Coaching Support is great choice?

  Whether you are looking to improve your creative skills, health and mind, my therapeutic art and wellness life coaching services could be beneficial to you. I support people with everything from enhancing self-esteem and managing anxiety to reducing stress and lgbt acceptance. I can empathize with your struggles and challenges  offering valuable insights that can reshape your goals and thought processes. My name is  Paule Landinez   founder of Lamkala and a certified Life Coach, Therapeutic Art Life Coach and Science of Inner Awakening guide.   Finally, after living an experiential learning process through several life situations, guided by coaching experts and cosmic masters , I would love to help you improve your life and achieve your goals through my knowledge and cognitions with a sincere, compassionate, conscious and integrated approach. But let me tell you about What is Life Coaching? Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, suppo

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