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Why it's a great idea learning piano today

  are you looking for piano lessons as a great choice available to young kids today? I help piano beginners to achieve a proficient level and through this blog the journey starts TODAY! Whether you are a parent looking to book piano lessons for your kid, a teenager or simply for yourself regardless of your age, I have got precise ways to make you experience the greatest learning process. Hello, my name is Paule Landinez and I have over 14 years of experience privately teaching people of all ages, basic and average levels, classical style and some popular music. I was a classically trained musician at AMV Conservatory of Fine Arts and Performing Arts Conservatory of NYC; also I have been performing Classical Music for various public and private venues, playing specially Chopin, and I feel confident that transmitting my musical knowledge and cognitions will be beneficial for you. Learning music helps your life's expansion and it gives you a new skill. Starting now with the ri

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