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do you feel a preference for your pet?

Have you ever heard some people say,  "The more I get to know people the more I love my pet." Some people think that dogs are just a missing soul animal that does not care the way you are, but certainly dogs have their soul and feelings, and most subtly they feel peoples energies deeper, it means they do really care if you treat them well or not.  Don't cheat yourself with such a belief, of course that pets care if you treat them lovingly or not, they feel protected, provided, and they act accordingly to your treatment, they even can be depressed and fearful when treated wrong, they can even be aggressive and defensive when feeling threatened and in danger.  Please do not cheat yourself with such a silly thought current. All type of lives (pets, family, plants, etc.) react upon the treatment and living vibration of us, and when we are not vibrating well to others we have a self love issue. When we have problems relating with others "Relationships issues" which y

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