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What's the meaning of a good sweet relationship?

Friendship is Not a business relationship,  Friendship is sincerely caring and sharing life  together. Marriage is Not a business relationship, Marriage is a loving Union between sweethearts. Loving engagement is Not a business relationship  or coaching psychological therapy advice. Loving engagement is yearning day by day  t o provide the best of each other equally. Hypocrisy is Not friendship, Honest care and communication is friendship. Friend is Not someone that wants you in private but not in public. Friend is someone that wants you in anyplace of their lives  because they value you and appreciate you. A friend or a lover is never anyone  that could feel any type of superiority or jealousy against you. A friend or a lover is always someone  who see themselves in you and share their existence along with yours. Although all of those negatives happen to mix, by different life reasons,  it's just a casualty that misses the real pure concept of it. A good sweet relationship, friend

Why addressing understandings about "offense" is simple?

Is the feeling of offense causing you trouble? Is the feeling of being offensive causing you issues? Is the feeling of being offended such a biggie right now, making you feel down? Well, let me tell you, anyone of us, happened to live through such a situations at some point in life. Respect issues versus Offensive issues. As it is normal to anybody, feeling offended is a matter of pure individual feeling, assumptions and feeling alluded. May I guide you through this main concept? In life, you may cause an offense to someone by your sole existence. What does this mean? You may find that in the filter of the perception of different individuals your life and your actions may be seen as offensive in different ways without those really meaning to be offensive, because the most natural thing in the existence is the happening of different and diverse perspectives and views. More perspectives: 6+3=9 / 5+4=9/ 4+5=9/ 3+3+3=9/ 2+3+1+2+1=9/ 2+2+2+2+1=9/ 3×3=9 etc...  How many more?  It

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