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Why addressing deeper understandings about "LGBTQ" is needed?

  Because in between so much chaos and confusion, it is a need to spread love, compassion, education and acceptance!  Along so much ignorance, humans unconsciously did not even understand  the simplicity of life. Let's start by stating the following cognition: "God" The "existence" do not oppose itself between the same opposites of the opposites created by part of creation itself. Considering the fact that, this is a very serious and delicate topic, I will inform you carefully based on integrated facts about the cosmic existence, rather than just a  non cognized scripture. In fact, during several centuries and millennials ago, dated since the alfa and omega were there, the cosmic life has been  present everywhere, beyond imagination in diverse forms.  We can notice multiple life forms, starting from the most common to the most rare, in which such a cases we might even still ignore.  Why do people claim such a false right to condemn the existential diversity we h

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