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How to successfully cope with the on going difficult times?

Are you bored and losing your mind,  no idea what to do? Do not find any sense in life and existence? Are you in despair because money seems to be unstable everywhere? Are you afraid to get sick or attempting to heal but supporting your loved ones? Are you losing your neurons in relating with housemates, the crazy news and politics? After covid, absolutely difficult times have been unleashed for societies these past months, but also, some lucky minorities were benefited having their times of the times, increasing their fortunes by the useful  applications and software that simplify our lives, time, efficiency, and delivering results as well as solving our needs, but anyways and regardless of what's your situation everyone has been challenged, if you are in between difficult psychological, mental, physical issues, boredom,  uncertainty and despair, or overload stress and burnout, I am here to provide tips and support your coping techniques through these isolating times in two steps:

What is Haritaki? The Miraculous medicine! Detox

Why haritaki is an amazing way to cope? Because it creates a balance in your bodie's health! HARITAKI IS:  It is a wonder fruit grown on Haritaki Tree(Terminalia Chebula Tree). It has unique characteristics which make it a universal remedy of all diseases in Ayurveda. This is one of the major component of wonder Ayurveda medicine known as Triphala Powder.  Haritaki Trees are found in deciduous forests of India, especially in the northern region.  Fruits, Roots, and bark of this tree is used to prepare herbal medicines. Haritaki Fruit is a drupe-like fruit vary in size between 2 to 4.5 cm length and 1.2 to 2.5 cm in breadth having five longitudinal ridges.  Oval in shape and turns green to blackish in color as ripen depend upon it’s variety.  The taste of its fruits are sweet, sour, bitter and astringent depend upon its type which is discussed below in different types of Haritaki section.  It is called by different names in different languages in India like “Harad” in Urdu and Hindi

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