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Why is the conscious existence a divine artistic expression?

Please, Play this song and Listen while you read. What can be said about creativity?  What can be said about creative consciousness?  Careful attention to what is being creative, and what is about being conscious.  Creativity comes from creation, belief and inspiration, blowing life into something, but consciousness is to be aware of the ten thousand and eight details that are going on in the present of your existence and make them dance like a beautiful ode to the epic of life.  Blow life to life and Art will be a creative conscious symphonic portrait. Isn't the cosmos the artistic God's work? Oh, dear, certainly there are kingdoms based in dark negative energy conformed by ten thousand disgraceful  beings, but also there are kingdoms based on the eternal graceful light of ten thousand beings. All of them comprise my then thousand and one multi-dimensional beings kingdom and they all are my home. I'm a flying ethereal being of the basin watershed of the river creek and the

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