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What are the four principles of wealth and abundance?

Hereby, I want to share with you some eternal principles that can be useful to anyone since the past to the present and the future, expressed in the simplest way possible. In order to build and create wealth we will be based in four laws and principles. Four Laws and Principles of Wealth  A.I.R.E. Let's start by defining what is wealth? "A MINDSET" Beyond the basic concept that wealth is just having money in the bank and owning goods, the pure concept of wealth is based in four principles A. I. R. E.  (An authentic and integrated thought current, cognition, paradigm, feeling and belief of being responsible, infinitely rich and abundant, also enriching  and sharing  as much as possible.) 1. The Law of attraction and relationship.  (Authenticity) To Be IDENTITY CONFIDENCE FEELING AND BELIEF THOUGHT CURRENT   POWERFUL MINDSET The most important part of building and creating wealth relies on our mindset and conscious set up, our thoughts and beliefs. At it's deepest core,

Why cryptocurrency may be a good way to cope with your pocket stress?

Are you feeling  curiosity about Cryptocurrency and it's benefits? Undoubtedly, these times have been difficult for everyone globally, challenging situations that meant to be psychological, physical, financial and more, but here I am giving you another financial idea and tool to cope with your pocket stress. Since a couple of years ago, people of  the world have been developing a currency system called cryptocurrency, and those coins became very practical from the perspective of their unregulated trading system and practical utility, but also made happier the pockets for many enthusiasts that dared to believe in a better chance for their pocket, and I was just thinking it could be a good idea to share it with you. Taken from diverse sources, being one of them I am bringing some information to clarify the concepts of these terms.  At its core, cryptocurrency is typically decentralized digital money designed to be used over the internet. Bitcoin, which launched in 2008,

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