Why beyond respecting people's existence or perspectives it should be intentional?

Dear Reader:

Have you wondered how relevant it is respecting different perspectives?

Yesterday, I was obnoxiously told that If I wanted to be respected, I had to learn to take it well and deep but hard, anybody or " different perspectives"  would think that where was I, in order to meet such an insolence, and where is the prudency in talking publicly about this? 

But let me tell you that this type of  situations are more common than what you may think, this is a collective thought current "let you be fucked for respect"  this type of perspective can happen everywhere, in ashram, churches, temples, Adheenams, or working places, banks, out of hypocrisy but honestly, that belief is nothing new, can you relate? and these could be a perspective by different type of people in different places, is this perspective to be respected also?  I can say: Pay attention to the intention behind what is said.

Certainly, I must clarify again that regarding my sexuality, I've been only attracted to men since before I came to birth, but by my existential essence and certain things like the gender issue can happen also to anyone in certain situations that need to be addressed more deeply and extendedly else where. There is to note that my sexuality is not a product of childhood trauma but just my essence, and regarding my gender development, certainly there was subject of prejudice and abuse, like it happens to anyone, and this type of perspective is also experienced by more people in femininely terms, but this can relate perfectly to different topics about perspectives. 

Surely, I could continue to live in celibacy or not, but not because of this, there can be a justification to underestimate your resemblant denying the dignity and respect for their existence in any way and vise versa, respect is a matter of  conscious intention and not just a matter of perspective, action or eloquent prose. 

Different perspectives opinions and beliefs are normal, and it is normal that people have actions and reactions, but I want to place this statement:

Basically, the collective concept of respect nowadays is based on appreciation, we respect those in wisdom, in strength, courage, temperance, body looks, valuable utility, reliability, by destructive or constructive capacity, or when it's something far extraordinary from our reach.

That is how basically society functions their respect, but at conscious level, respect is owed to every existent complement part of creation, because everything is exactly as it happens to be, unbiasedly and purposeful.

What this means is that at some deeper point, collective concepts are obsolete because they lack in truthful awareness.

They are so irreverent that they claim a respect over Jesus their messiah after they themselves crucified, killed and disrespected him as much as they could, and they now call it "The Christ" continuing the process by making statues of such a sad thing day after day, and if it was not enough, they attempt the same doing with their resemblant, even after their messiah told them to love each other.

The sense of respect of the man:

"They disrespect others gravely to later give them the respects in their gravestones or their ruin"

"Individuals dare to disrespect because those still respect them, and after they realize that, wars against each other start, until they come year after year to visit their respects in the gravestones"

They love claiming supremacies over each other:

Hey I empower you, you do not empower me!

I am but you are not!

Those are but those are not!

While those accept ignorantly the submission, it would last, until awareness show them, how ignorantly respectful they were being disrespected as a lesser deserved ones.

The reality is that at some point the ant eater is feeding himself out of ants, until it is switched over and the ants get to eat it back.

Same thing happening from the greatest kingdom to the greatest tree, how in a sense of short, it can all be erased.

That's why awareness understands a deeper form of respect based on the simple sense of the intention in purposeful purposeless existence of everything. As the ashes placed over the forehead. with care.

Everything can be destroyed in an absolute meaningful way, as well as it can be created and restored in a meaningful way.  We must have this very clear and act accordingly.

It is very unusual to expect from a disrespectful treatment, to owe a respectful treatment back, and sometimes it happens until it doesn't happen anymore and chaos is present.

Also, I want to address this very delicate but real fact,  whether I be respected or not, praised or not, valued or not, I'm advocating for this because it's an important collective matter for survival between all of us and the environment, not just for myself, and I want to convey the next big question to you with honorable respect:

Can you realize how long it has been since the worldly sacred scriptures were written?

Can you certainly realize how better or worse is humanity doing after them or before them? 

Did evil and suffering stop existing? 

Did goodness and happiness stop existing?

Did angels win over the demons until today and vice-versa?

We could attempt to say that we are monsters behind angels and angels besides monsters, because of our sole dual nature of existing.

Attempting to show one way or the other is just an occasional intention.

But beyond that, We are enough. Complete  (See Science of Completion)

Makes sense?

These are just momentums.

Understand that they are sacred pieces of art trying to convey in multiple different ways the concepts and contexts of the cosmic existence.

Even after that, 
before, today and tomorrow 
cosmos is cosmos. 
wises are wise, 
fools are fools, 
opinions are opinions, 
life is life, 
gaslighting is gaslighting, 
misleading is misleading, 
insolence is insolence, 
and love is love...

That's why, respecting each other and the environment is good for all of us, but also irrelevant from vague perspectives but a base of intentional behaviors.

Intentionally, existentially respect. ( Respect is I, We intentionally value you)

That's all.

Paule Landinez
Enriching People's Lives.


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