What are the four principles of wealth and abundance?

Hereby, I want to share with you some eternal principles that can be useful to anyone since the past to the present and the future, expressed in the simplest way possible.

In order to build and create wealth we will be based in four laws and principles.

Four Laws and Principles of Wealth 


Let's start by defining what is wealth?


Beyond the basic concept that wealth is just having money in the bank and owning goods, the pure concept of wealth is based in four principles A. I. R. E. 
(An authentic and integrated thought current, cognition, paradigm, feeling and belief of being responsible, infinitely rich and abundant, also enriching  and sharing  as much as possible.)

1. The Law of attraction and relationship.  (Authenticity) To Be


The most important part of building and creating wealth relies on our mindset and conscious set up, our thoughts and beliefs.

At it's deepest core, wealth is measured by the level of consciousness attained, and the skills acquired depend on that mindful awareness, building a confident and powerful state of being.

Building an amazing relationship with your authentic self and others.

Change your rooted negative paradigm  or cognition, stop complaining, and start building that confidence mindset by having a daily commitment in claiming what you yearn for:

"I am wealthy, by my conscious existence, I am wealthy"

"I am an endless source of wealth"

 For you to have wealth you must Feel Valuable, enough, complete, and stay in that cognition.

"I declare I am valuable, and  I am enough, even though I can learn more,
I am already complete with existence and that's is what I attract!"

Wash yourself daily into the idea I am completely abundant take a shower in eternal abundancy as yourself.

"I can create faster than anyone can copy"

"Wealth is my power to cause solutions"

Think big and with possibilities!

Keep a right communication with life by declaring to it continuously.

You will need to sale yourself to the existence, by sincerely believing how valuable you are.

In this phase, we will need to detox and cleanse the body and mind from old mistaken beliefs and polluted energies or gross left overs in order to create a positive change to us.

Follow this links for detoxing and cleaning:

Whether you believe in religions, Gods or not, the base is your mindset, and we can implement mantras and prayers for religious believers and affirmations for atheists. 

Visit this the links below, those charged with powerful declarations, affirmations and mantras, that can help you strengthen your mindset, also, healing any incompletion related to yourself or the concept of money and wealth.

It is not that the thoughts become things, but How the thoughts become things?

Through proper feeling and visualization.

We do not manifest by just desiring but by the feeling and belief, sitting deep in cognition, deep feeling. 

The gap between your desire and belief feeling cognition is a mental pattern that needs to be cleaned.

What do you feel when remembering money? 

If it is difficult, if you feel a suffocation, but you do not know why, it is an unknown pattern, but when you know why, its a known pattern, and you need healing, affirmation and change of cognition. 

There are techniques called CBT Cognitive behavioral Technique, Also the Science of  Completion, or I am enough!

Remember this!:

Will persistence, continuity and perseverance create a cognition and manifestation.

Somehow, if you are looking for wealth, it is because deep inside, you are cherishing the idea of fear of money and respect for poverty, and that riches are bad, since then, there is not wealth manifestation. Heal this thinking and build a proper mindset, "Money is not good not bad, It is an utility"

Keeping good thoughts and relationship with yourself and the wealth, money concept as very important.

Celebrate wealth, Celebrate yourself, Create and achieve!

Believe wealth is the way to freedom!

Wealth is possibilities, Manifesting wealth is manifesting possibilities.
Manifesting possibilities is freedom!

As a rich person, you believe to start minding your associations and relationships as a way to hold into your new wealthy thought current, spend time with people who empower you, and uplift you with enriching cognitions and positive thoughts, stay away from negative non supporting people that bring down your changing intentions and ventures. 

Mind your associations! Wealth is valuable relationships as an extension of you!

Only listen to the people that are where you want to  be or live the experience you want to experience.

Analyze what is your relationship circle and you will see the way you are vibrating and charming them, pay attention what kind of people you are attracting according to the way you are seen or perceived, and after that make a change.

Nowadays, for society part of their intelligence is being an hypocrite, Be Authentic!

Remember, they will rely on your results, legitimacy and authenticity regarding the issues you are solving, because you can share what you have gotten or done yourself. 

Be an example by your authenticity.

2.The Law of problem solving.  (Integrity) Align


Focus! You get paid in direct proportion to the experience produced,  size, quantity and quality of the problems you solve.

People buy anything from you, because they believe you can make their life better, and the best way to prove them that is to make their life better right now!

Create or do something of value, it is not about time or effort but rather doing or producing something valuable that could impact as many people as possible as a trend or basic need.

But how do we determine what is valuable?

Anything that we can set a vision to it, results to be valuable!

Every necessity is valuable to people, and beyond the basic needs also the actual trends and demands determine what is also valuable to them, but always remember that the most valuable is consciousness.

People do not invest or spend in information, service, or item because they think it is valuable or important , they do that because they have a goal to achieve and a problem to solve, remember this.

People do not buy services, products etc. They buy Solutions!

People mostly care about what you will give them, what's the offer that benefit them, they could be cheated, technically you could cheat them, but instead, offer them something real and valuable in big letters.

How can I know what people are needing in order to meet people's necessities or create them?

Stay updated and actualized to your surroundings, online and offline, but most basically they need solutions that help them with:

-Changing and upgrading their health and body.
-Earn profit and get money filling their pockets. 
-Get better relationships and improve their feelings, soul and spirit.
-Spending more time in pleasure, enjoyment and entertainment.
-Anything that ensure them an amazing experience!

Learn, do research, educate yourself, and take courses in alignment to your existent essential existence. Below I am providing you some links for you to learn, and remember even universities are providing courses at online:

Based on this, you can either build a business, create and innovate a solution, or provide services related to those principles and beyond.

After this, take on count this law of compensation:

What is the the need and demand for the skill or information you learned to do?

What is your ability level in doing that what you learned to do?

How difficult would it be for them to replacing you?

Because you fell in love with this, be obsessed with it in becoming a master at what you learned to do.

3. The law of action and implementation. (Responsibility) Do it


Being active and alive is wealth! 
"Wealth worship the feet of courageous people."

Start now!
Start Where you are!
Start with fear!
Start with uneasiness!
Start even with doubt!
Start even if hands shaking!
Start even with voice trembling!
Just Start!

Active, Active, Active, 
Work, Work, Work, 
Before and after Work, 
Weekends etc. 
Sacrifice, Contribute
at least in the building phase, with continuity.

Implement the actions.

Focus on doing the things that matter for your goal, Only things and actions that matter!

Only be on social media for a useful purpose!

Wealth is giving life to life! Continuous Expansion!

Spend and invest your time, money, and energy in that which matters, producing a return on investment to your goals somehow!

You do not get paid by what you know, but for what is shared, done, practiced, produced  with what you know. results.

There are also levels in which you process a skill or concept, in one level you may know something about it because you have heard about it, in a second level you really know what is this about, in a third level you actually practice what you know, and at the fourth level you really masterly know, practice that as an expertise and have the manifesting cognition of it.

A real plan of attack for success is not hoping for results but build a system to expect results. 

We follow a plan, We execute the plan, and expect results. We expect based on the system of actions we produced.

There is a concept in that nothing is free because always there is something that requires  a certain  exchange of something, is can be free from coin exchange but  it may require an investment of time, action and energy applied.

Activism is wealth, in any field you are active , you convert that into wealth, therefore, build skills and be real active on them. 

We need to win in a non gambling way with gambling like money. Gambling like money is money that is kept not as a need but as a free spendable good.

You just do not act and hope but strategize and receive.

Never invest your time, money, or all what you have in to just something, diversify in multiple revenue ways. 

After this, rinse and repeat.

Follow this links for more information about wealth actions to take:

4. The Law of Generosity and flow. (Enriching) Share


"Wealth as a means and resource it's the gift of tranquility,
but as an end of a goal it results in a punishment"

Give back and share with others in order to generate a flowing system of wealth.

Be consistent and show up but learn to rest.

We need to see money as energy!

Inhale, take a breath and exhale!

Now, breath in, inhale,,,, take, and take and take and take, take and inhale more so much more that there is no more... because nobody can take so much of what they do not need.

It becomes abusive and toxic when taking more that what you really need. How much could you take and inhale before you feel uncomfortable?  

Now exhale, and exhale , give and give and give and give, give so much that there is nothing left and it feels uncomfortable as well.

Now if you think money as energy and take more than what you really need or  give more than what you have, it is going to get toxic or abusive either way.

Now just breath in, and breath out. It is a natural flow of intake. 

Since this is made clear.

Declare: I give of my talent and I get well paid for it, well remunerated for it, I deserve it as well as I share I receive back.

I need you to see and replace the word money by ENERGY.

That's why, share but take, take but share in a regular flowing circle, not just take and take, or just give and give. 
Flow with Giving and Taking as well as you breath!

Please, listen to this song below, "The River Flows in you" as well as the life's energy, flow of cash, wealth and abundance.

80% of wealth is based on your thinking and  confidence mindset, and if your thing the way energy flow in and out as well as your breathing.
and I will support you in to building an amazing confident mindset. 
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