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Definitely, I can see the concern about getting money by doing nothing


I must tell you that the answer is NO! It is a no, no! Because money is made out of  energetic currency and flow of life, you need to light the flame of it with any type of action by little it may seem to be.

What does this mean?

This means, we must do something, unleash something, always before, in order to get a wealth or money result, it is similar like planting a seed, you may need to act upon something in someway, and start harvesting the value regarding to what it has been done first.  

Money is the result of an energetic currency that has  been activated by yourself in someway.

Let me bring up here some example stories:


How to give, for the person who consider to have nothing?


A poor man asked the Buddha, “Why am I so poor?”

The Buddha said, “You have not learned how to give.”

So the poor man said, “But I have nothing left to give?”

Buddha said: “You have a few things,

The Face: Providing a smile and uplifting others.

The Mouth: you can praise or comfort others;

The Heart: it can open up and listen to others;

The Eyes: who can look to others through goodness and kindness;

The Body: which can be used to help others.”


Morimoto Shoji makes his living by doing basically "nothing", which can actually mean A LOT! to many of his clients. 

The 37-year-old Japanese offers his service for people who require a temporary and convenient companionship, as seen in Yokohama on Friday.

"My job is called 'Rent a person who does nothing,' which means you can rent me out, and I am having myself to be rented but don't do anything," he detailed. 

Basic conversation, mere physical and moral presence, Shoji keeps his action to a minimum like when he accompanied one of his clients Takahiro to grieve a friend in a temple. "It's been three months since my friend died, but I couldn't believe it and couldn't come to the grave, so I asked for 'Mr. rental' as an opportunity to come here," Takahiro explained. 

Shoji adds that he is also there for people who want to share stories they deem might somehow affect their relationships with others, thus they hire him, a person, they are not related to. Shoji says he charges 10,000 yen (€79/$95) plus travel expenses for his services. 

--- SOT, Morimoto Shoji, 'Rent-a-Person Who Does Nothing' (Japanese):

 "My job is called 'Rent a person who does nothing,' which means you can rent me out, and I am having myself to be rented but I don't do anything. However, well, eating and drinking such as dining, for example, a very simple replying such as answering a little when asked, but other than that, I offer a service of nothing in particular.

" SOT, Morimoto Shoji, 'Rent-a-Person Who Does Nothing' (Japanese): 

"My fee and the system fluctuates, so I would like you to be careful about that, but currently, for each request, I am charging 10,000 yen/ $100 USD, separately with the transportation costs to get to the meeting site.

" SOT, Morimoto Shoji, 'Rent-a-Person Who Does Nothing' (Japanese):

 "Asking something of your friend requires some sort of consideration, and it means that I'd take my friends on my own errands. Well, even if you want to go somewhere, bringing friends there together seems like owing something to them, that is why many of my clients ask me to join them on their errands because I am not their friend, not related to them. I am often told such things by my clients.

" SOT, Morimoto Shoji, 'Rent-a-Person Who Does Nothing' (Japanese): 

"(I also come) in case of a request to listen to a story that can not be told to others, if you show your worries or weaknesses, your own weaknesses to people who usually have relationships, but you don't know what will happen to your relationships later, so in a sense, people don't like being in a situation where your weaknesses can be seen, so they want to talk about themselves to people who are completely outside of their usual relationships. There seems to be such stuff, and there are various reasons.

" SOT, Takahiro, Client (Japanese): 

"It's been three months since my friend died, but I couldn't believe it and couldn't come to the grave, so I asked for 'Mr. rental' as an opportunity to come here. Also, it's my birthday today, so that was the reason and I came to give my friend the incense sticks."

What can be understood by these story examples? 

What is the message and wisdom behind it?

1. Morimoto is providing his presence and company.

2. Morimoto is providing his listening.

3. Morimoto is providing confidentiality.

4.Morimoto is selling himself to refrain himself.

5.Morimoto sells himself to be without being BUT HE IS DOING SOMETHING.

You must feel valuable yourself first!

The message is that, even if it is stealing, the mouse is doing something, actually they are really doing their task, and some of them are doing something valuable, because they are making themselves available to provide their listening, their time, their presence and their support, or company to service the need of a needed person, which can actually be made clear, we must do something to earn wealth, and actually, they really did something to earn their remunerations. 

The message is we must be willing to feel valuable and provide our assistance and immediate ability to serve around in any way possible, by simple that it seems  to be.

Sri Yantra Symbol of wealth

Is it possible to earn money by doing nothing? NO!

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