How to successfully cope with the on going difficult times?

Are you bored and losing your mind, 

no idea what to do?

Do not find any sense in life and existence?

Are you in despair because money seems to be unstable everywhere?

Are you afraid to get sick or attempting to heal but supporting your loved ones?

Are you losing your neurons in relating with housemates, the crazy news and politics?

After covid, absolutely difficult times have been unleashed for societies these past months, but also, some lucky minorities were benefited having their times of the times, increasing their fortunes by the useful  applications and software that simplify our lives, time, efficiency, and delivering results as well as solving our needs, but anyways and regardless of what's your situation everyone has been challenged, if you are in between difficult psychological, mental, physical issues, boredom,  uncertainty and despair, or overload stress and burnout, I am here to provide tips and support your coping techniques through these isolating times in two steps:


Remember, everything starts with our thinking, because of that, we must be and stay confident, calm and control our thoughts into understanding that certainly difficulties and uncertainties are always there but also will pass somehow.

One of the main things to do is acknowledging that our health must improve in order to have a comfortable body that can have mindful peace and positivity, cleaning and detoxing our mind and body, implementing various techniques, if you consider to clean your body, purify and detox, try eating only light foods, liquids and fruits, take daily Haritaki to balance your immune system visit this (Link detox).

After assisting your physical needs and detoxing the digestive system for at least a week, start by purifying your mind and leave behind every worry, find yourself at least 30 to 60 minutes daily to be in mindful and physical silence as a healing practice, you also can play dopamine sounds, mantras, soft therapeutic music, beautiful loving sounds or repetitive affirmations that calm your emotional and basic logical vibration into releasing endorphins of nice feelings.

If you feel that somehow everything is out of control, just remember that at least you have control over yourself (Mind and body) and you decide to be well and let go of everything else in order to prosper.


By basic psychological principle, the meaning of wellness is based in feeling to be alive, useful for life, the feeling to be purposeful and meaningful to yourself and others around, because it creates a joyful and radiant energy that restores your balance, making you feel enough and complete existentially.

Out of this we can use diverse activities as a way to cope with these difficult times and create the psychological and energetic environment of being enough, being purposeful, being productive and complete for life in any sense, and living your life to the fullest.

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I really hope any information Lamkala update and share here help you keeping up with your situation!


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