What are the fifty steps to quit right now and become wealthy and rich! Find out!


This is nothing personal against anyone, it is just a blog.

The main thing is to understand that if you practice this:

 Life does not owe you nothing because you owe everything to life, buy also enjoying to:

  1. Be lazy and resist action
  2. Be a close minded
  3. Think life to be complicated
  4. These are difficult times
  5. Just learn little less
  6. Sleep more
  7. Wake up late
  8. Buy at bargain store
  9. Things are less possible this days
  10. Put water to increase shampoo
  11. Try to spend in waste
  12. Be cherishing scarcity
  13. Stay confused
  14. Never think you worth a penny
  15. Never be enough
  16. Have no goals or needs
  17. Why to even take a shower if you gonna be dirty again
  18. Get unhealthy habits and vicious addictions
  19. Just complain constantly as much as possible
  20. Care about nobody
  21. Life is against you
  22. Stay depressed
  23. Blame everyone else
  24. Compare yourself to others
  25. Share the least you have, but save the means
  26. Be stingy
  27. Leave everything to be done later
  28. Remember your childhood trauma
  29. Hate on them, be disrespectful 
  30. Be arrogant when listening to suggestions
  31. Be treacherous and lie
  32. Try to steal
  33. Substract others energy
  34. Believe there is just men and women, black and white.
  35. Share gossips of those who try
  36. Only play lotto and gamble
  37. Get together with gossipy negative fellas
  38. Judge the fallen and the successful
  39. Can not even see God anywhere
  40. Avoidance is your slogan
  41. If a beggar is near, tell them you need it too.
  42. You already know it all
  43. Watch TV and Netflix
  44. Repeat stupid song lyrics unconsciously
  45. Assume and Assume and faulty judge
  46. Sell your toto and yema for low
  47. Eat dead animals
  48. Behave by inertia and tendency
  49. Believe that others must to speak your language
  50. Be a parasite

If some of this resonates with you somehow: 

If by any chance, you are looking to FAIL AT THIS NOW desiring to 
be wealthy:

Enter to the Garden of Wealth!

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