How the completion science for wealth can change your life


Before starting, you must understand that it takes engagement, compromise and commitment with these instructions.

"Secrets of Attracting Wealth"

From the four principles of wealth creation and manifestation, we understood that a main pillar is Mindset, and hereby we will talk in-depth  about the way to heal, acquire and re- enforce a completion with the feeling and mindset of being wealthy, and how this science of completion for wealth can change your life!

Wealth manifestation!

Also, I  clarified that whether you believe in religions, Gods or not, the base is your mindset, and we can implement mantras, and prayers for religious believers, and simple affirmations for atheists. 

By now, we will start by Atheists, Just affirmations:

Just by  continuous affirmations, declarations  and visualizations you can achieve to cognize a deeper and proper wealth mindset, by relaying on trust in your superior self that can make possible a positive attraction:

Also, you can Set Up  Special Serotonin, endorphin, and dopamine Booster and meditate over a visualizing technique:

In Asia, it has been very well known, several meditations and spiritual practices for concentration and focus.

This technique I am about to provide you is called "THE TRATAK" and you can pronounce it as you type it. 
Literally, it means "fixed focused stare".

It is very simple and very helpful for those who want to truly meditate.

The practice is this:

Comfortably sit in a quiet dark room or space. It can be done sitting on the floor as well as sitting on a normal chair in front of a table, the most important is to have an aligned straight back while sitting.

Light a candle and place it just in front of half meter in distance from you, turn off the lights, just leave the light of the candle and observe the candle flame in a focused point, the candle must be set up exactly in eight of the middle of your two eyes and forehead.

Stare at it focused, and continuously for two minutes long without blinking your eyes. Time in which your eyes start falling off and close the eyelids, close your eyes and you will see that the flame of the candle is still existent in you mental plane.

Stay preserving that visualization until you can not see it anymore, when that happens, open your eyes and repeat that practice five times.

Important recommendations:

1. Do not use pillar candles, votive candles, tea candles, because the flame is little and short, it is useless for this practice, instead, use common paraffin or bee wax Taper candles, those are tall and with slender proportions.

2. Do not practice this meditation in the evening before going to sleep , Why? Because when it is unusual to meditate, the mind is not used to the practice and the person could fall asleep, and get a fire.

Practicing TRATAK is the time best invested , it is recommended for students, creators, artist, entrepreneurs, because it enhances the power of attention, concentration, focus and retention, boost memory and creativity, healing eye issues, and teaches how to meditate with 15 minutes long.

Second practice:

You can start this practice at any place, nevertheless, if you want it to be more effective, you may need to close your eyes for an moment, in this way, it can be done at any place in that without risking over your physical safety.
Example: Waiting room, bus, taxi, before sleeping or waking up, etc.

Start in this way:

Do not start this exercise with anxiety, crying or in any extreme clinic state of depression or anger, wait until you feel relaxed and calmed, in order for you mind to be ideal to start, you may need to be in peace and restful awareness.

If you need to manifest certain wealth, amount of money, house, car, etc.:

Please have that clear visual image in your mind and hold those things you need visually, with open eyes, see it exactly as if it was in front of you, after that, close your eyes and see it in your psychic representation board, place it in front of your eyes and enlighten it with your imagination, while you do this think:

This is something I need right now, getting it is easy and also it would cause happiness to more people, because of this reason I am getting it, this is my duty and compromise, after that:

Imagine that a bright yellow light is generated from you back and brain, showering this images and visualizations that you created in your mental space, and now, feel as it is already happening and you got what you were yearning to obtain, it is now in your life, and continue sending the bright light, open your eyes and remember to repeat every time you can do it. See yourself changed and in favorable situation.

Religious Concepts require a deeper intelligence and conscious level approach.

Hindu Wealth Concept and Completion 

By H.H. Nithyananda Paramashiva

• Wealth is not a thing to be accumulated or managed.

Wealth = an extension of you!

The right mental set up is required to create wealth and
celebrate wealth. Only an "Avatar" can give you the right mental
set up. Total abundance includes but is not limited to having
all the money you want. It is having all the beautiful things
you want to be part of your life.

• Although many people have mastered ways to attract
money, the rest of their lives are not fulfilled. 
Come learn to attract not just wealth and finance,
 but true abundance in
your life.

• Whether you have it or not, wealth is one of the most controversial subjects which
conflicts people their whole lives.

• Now come, learn the keys to a truly prosperous life of wealth in both inner and outer
worlds, which includes but is not limited to financial wealth. Whether you're rich or
broke, this workshop will be a breakthrough for you to reach the next level.

I can say, life can be equated to two things. One,
the ability to achieve what you want in the inner
or outer world or just getting stuck in both the
world. These are the only two equations.

Wealth can be equated to the life energy you
express. A straight equation. Because, as of now,
a normal man has wealth as the first priority in
the life.

So be very clear, if you do not have wealth,
don’t blame anybody, just you are not
expressing life in you. Life energy is not
happening in you.

I wanted to present first few basic concepts about wealth properly.

1) First, when a man decides to create wealth, not steal – understand, create wealth, you
will have wealth and the great fulfillment you lived. And your whole energy will be
towards the creation, not destroying others.

2) I tell you, the consciousness, attitude which works towards creating wealth – creating
wealth makes you non-violent because your whole energy becomes creative.

3) Creating wealth brings tremendous interest in life and non-violence.

First, I have to clear all the wrong
concepts about wealth. Only then, I
should talk about wealth.

Otherwise, you will not be able to grasp.
Why an incarnation, a Paramahamsa,
should talk about wealth, why a sanyasi
should talk about wealth?

Only he can talk about wealth because
he has gone beyond wealth. He can not
be made wealthy by wealth. Only a
man who cannot be made wealthy by
wealth has a right to talk all the
secrets about wealth.

Krishna says very beautifully in Gita,

‘’Gahana Karmano Gatih”.

The universe, by its nature, works, works,
works. If you have at the least the goal of
creating wealth, you will be creative. Your
energy will be channeled properly. I can give
you the clear guidance.

1) The first priority should be, in the life, for
moksha, enlightenment.

2) Till that happens, the second priority can
be creating wealth.

Creating wealth makes you non-violent because you’ll be too busy

with the people, with world, with life by creating.

1) First, remove the guilt about wealth from your inner space.

2) Second, understand the expression of life through you is equivalent to
the wealth you create; not grab, you create.

Life energy expression and wealth is one and the same.

Seekers always justify their poverty as their
spiritual quality and innocence.

So, if you are not wealthy – understand, if you
have decided not to create wealth, great.

But if you want to create wealth and not
wealthy, if you have a greed for the wealth or a
desire for wealth and not wealthy, be very clear,
you are not a seeker, you’re a sicker.

Something is seriously wrong in you. Look into
it. Wealth itself is not sin.

Somebody is having problem because of
➔ Somebody is having problem because of
not having.

Problem is a problem. Wealth is not a
problem. Problem is a problem. Wealth is
not a problem. Person who is having guilt
because of having, person who is having
guilt because of not having.

Both are big – we can say, very big sickness.
leave behind guilt.

I have seen many of these rich men
because they carry a deep guilt
imposed on them by society, even
though they created their wealth very
honestly, in a creative way, because of
the guilt imposed by society on them,
they live a very miserable life and go on
drinking alcohol and trying to have high
costly entertainments just to forget this

Many time, they come to me for their problems and in need of solution.
When I analyze their inner space and life, there’s no problem.

Then why are they suffering?

The only guilt which they are carrying which
is imposed on them by society.

I tell them: “Come on, don't imbibe the guilt
given to you by the fellows who are
incapable. You do not cheat or grab or be
dishonest. That’s right. That's enough”.

The fellows who talk about their
poverty being their great quality
will not keep quiet because they
are trying to make sacredness out
of it. It is such a cunningness,
how people brag about their
wealth and try to create identity.

At least when you brag about your
wealth and try to create identity, you will
be little intelligent because society would
have beaten you, you would have
learned lot of lessons from society
and you will be more creative.

“Not creating wealth is sin”

I'm declaring it very clearly.

Just like a grabbing, stealing, accumulating wealth in a wrong ways is a sin
– grabbing, stealing, robbing, how it is sin; same way, not creating is sin.

It means what? = You don't take the responsibility for your actions.

Your actions are not focused. It is like just cheating in the name of work.
I have seen. I have seen, abba, all types of cheating. I've seen people
doing all kinds of cheating.

People tend to mix being cheated and
charity together. No. If you want to
donate and share, great; nothing wrong.
But you are doing work, somebody
steals, cheats your money, it’s
something seriously wrong.

➔ Be intelligent, be a little more practical.
➔ Stop the mental blocks and a deep
hatred you carry for work.

Please understand, as Krishna says, Gahana Karmano Gatih.

“Life’s flow is movement”

If you are not creating wealth, all your work is happening in wrong direction.

Your work is happening more in the line of destruction, not in right direction.

The integrity, I am telling you – I'm telling you from my experience, my experience of handling so many worst possible situations in life. Actually, this whole rumors and the problems created around me has made me really rich in life.

Economically, I may not have become rich. But in life, I have become very rich. Now, I know how to handle people. I know who should be trusted and who should not be trusted I’ve learned a lot of lessons.

See, life is, by its nature, flow. If you create wealth, at least it will be directed
in one line of creativity. If you are not creating wealth, be very clear –

1) You will be spending all your time in
destructing, destroying something,
somebody or

2) You will be spending all your time in
fighting with you, in depression. Fighting
with your own self.

Morning, half an hour, you will argue whether to create wealth or not.
Evening, half an hour, you will argue whether to create wealth or not???!!!!

Morning, you will argue, I should create wealth. Evening, you will argue,
no, no, I should not create wealth??!!!! And night, you will fall asleep.

Between the morning and evening, again, you'll be spending time and
eating. That’s all. After 20 years, what you have done? No, I debated
morning whether to create wealth or not in the side of creating; in the
evening, debated for not creating.

Finally, nothing has happened. 
Life is wasted. That’s all!

Not having wealth is a wrong mental setup.

Awaken the creativity in you, remove the hatred for work, creativity. I’ll give
you further, deeper, exact techniques and process to create wealthy

1) You need to create a wealthy consciousness, which is ready to take the
responsibility to create and sustain, which is ready to take the responsibility
of being creative.

2) For being creativity, you need to take many responsibilities. It doesn't
happen like a breeze. Even if the breeze happens, you need to be
responsible to keep your doors open, for the breeze to blow through you,
flow through you.


“I would like to master the manifestation of my desires. What would be a single factor
that I have to be good at?”

Swami Nithyananda:

“First thing I want to tell you, the only thing you
need to be good at is perpetual completion,
constantly being in the space of completion.
That one is enough. You will be able to manifest
anything you want.”


This exercise is completing with these mental thought patterns related to wealth and
stopping them for re-occurring:

1. Look back and see the gap between your desire and your cognitions for wealth.

2. How you started to perceive about wealth and money. How did you start relating and cognizing
about money and wealth?

3. What is your perceptions, beliefs and cognitions of money?

4. Write down any suffering and pain (may be a specific incident) that comes inside of you when
you are thinking on wealth and money. What is your earliest memory around money? What are
the energy and emotions invoked in you?

1) Sit and complete with that pattern that “I don't have enough to live my life”. The moment
you complete that pattern, suddenly, you will see, you really attract and manifest what you want
to have.

2) The one thing I’ll recommend, next 21 days, every night, completion before going to sleep
about all the wealth incompletion patterns you have. All the incompletion patterns you have,
self-doubt you have about creating wealth, self-hatred you have about creating wealth,
self-denial you have about creating wealth, all that please relive and complete.


1) Sit and complete with that pattern that “I don't have enough to live my life”. The moment
you complete that pattern, suddenly, you will see, you really attract and manifest what you want to have.

2) The one thing I’ll recommend, next 21 days, every night, completion before going to sleep about all the wealth incompletion patterns you have. All the incompletion patterns you have,
self-doubt you have about creating wealth, self-hatred you have about creating wealth,
self-denial you have about creating wealth, all that please relive and complete.

Mantras and Gods Invocations for support in your wealth creation and completion!

Links for wealth:

Mantras for wealth

Repeat over 108 times daily

Shaivite God of Wealth

Om shreem hreem kleem
Om namo bhagawate
Daapaya dapaaya

Shaivite God of Wealth

Om gan ganapathaye namo namaha
Shri sidhivinayaka namo namaha
Ashta vinayaka namo namaha
Ganapathi bappa moraya

Vaishnavi Goddess of Wealth

Om sri maha lakshmi namah

Vaishnavi God of Wealth

Om Namo Venkatesaaya
Kaamitaartha Pradhaayine
Pranatah Klesa Naasaaya
Govindaaya Namo Namaha

Om shri venkateshwaraya namah

When this be done correctly right,
it will manifest resources of all you need happening for you.
 If its not happening its there is not a rooted cognition.
Make it happen.

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Wealth for Christians: 

Our Father

Our Father, Who art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy Will be done,
on earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. 

Prayer to Calm Financial Anxiety

Heavenly Father, I know that I should not be anxious for anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present my requests to You. Father, I present my finances before You, and I pray for a financial miracle in my life. I pray for an increase in wealth and a decrease in losses. I choose to let go of the anxiety and depression that having a lack of finances has caused me. Amen.

Prayer to Eliminate Debt

Awesome God, I pray against financial debt right now. I pray that I owe nothing to anyone – except for my obligation to love others. If I love my neighbor, I will fulfill the requirements of Your law. I pray against financial oppression and declare financial prosperity instead. I declare a miracle in my finances because I know that You do not want me to be anxious or oppressed. Let love be my main priority, not money. Amen.

Prosperity Prayer May it be your will Lord our God and God of our fathers that you provide a living for all your people of the House of Israel along with my livelihood and that of the members of my home included with them, smoothly and without pain, with honor and not with embarrassment, in a legal and not in a forbidden way, in order that we will be able to perform your service and to study your Torah, just as you fed our fathers manna in the desert in a dry and desolate land.

Well, After we have been through all this information that is useful as per changing your vibrational feelings towards wealth, I will give you five reasons in which this Science of Completion with wealth can change and create a positive transformation to your life.

1. It can positively transform your life, creating new promising possibilities
2. You will feel empowered, feeling enough and confident towards life

3. You will be able to achieve the greatest material desired goals

4. You will be abundant and able to have so much to share with people

5. You will radiate and enjoy gracefully the best providence of wealth

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