Why Ego is not an issue to oneness?

Just Simple lines:

-When you have good relationship with yourself,
 you can have good relationship with others.

-We don't fight any ego by fighting against it, 
neither your own ego or personality, 
its because a fight is a fight. 
Neither you get to love by being a narcissistic or a selfish, 
only by self acceptance and self love we attain oneness, 
because the ego you fight in front, 
is the ego inside of yourself, 
and the oneness you worship in front is the oneness inside.

-When the intention is to be liked,
adulated and cherished, 
the words will be sweet, 
premeditated, eloquent, manipulative, 
when there is not intention and it about to be real, truthful, 
purposeful, the words will be sharp, 
unintentional and descriptive.

-The level of love is related to the level of consciousness attained.

-Sense fully poor are those that even after having bag full of coin they didn't taste cosmic life as it is and still deny themselves from that. 

-The cosmos likes to have arguments with itself, joke and laugh with itself after those ridiculous arguments that blissfully stay irrelevant.

and in this way, Ego is just accepted by the oneness, exactly as it happens to exist.

Contemplate how beautiful each one of these flowers make one beautiful bouquet while they fight against their beautiful harmonic existence.


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