"Thoughts and Quotes" by Paule Landinez


"Perfections are relatable to precise contexts, 
when it is said about the perfect imperfection of the sole nature of the men, 
it is in regards to the greatest possible conscious expression of men, 
and it relies just in the mirroring of the cosmic existence itself, 
and it is perfect and imperfect, purely impure"


¨When humans become consciously perfect they are not humans anymore, but super conscious beings, because humans by nature are unconscious and erratic¨


"Nothing that I can discover in the cosmos is new, it is only discovered"


¨Integrity is not doing the right when nobody is watching, 
integrity is an alignment that exists between a and b/ b and a and subsequent. 
Independently of the nature of those parts. 
Moral Integrity is a behavioral alignment to your good values, behaving righteously in any given situation.¨


¨Success is not measured by money acquired, but by the intense clever and continuous perseverant actions produced and maintained regarding certain goal projected¨


¨One shouldn't have to tell anybody how one should be treated, and if you do so, you are mistreating yourself¨


¨God is right there to be seen by the ones who want to see and right there to be heard by those who want to hear, understood by those who want to understand, felt by those who want to feel, and lived by those who want to experience it¨


We get the consequences of our own inventions and actions, let us then make great inventions and loving actions.


¨The real healing is coming to the realization there is nothing to heal. Your fine, let go of abuse and stay in that cognition behaving accordingly in a healthy way¨


Oh, dear, certainly there are kingdoms based in dark negative energy conformed by ten thousand suffering beings, but also there are kingdoms based on the eternal joyful light of ten thousand beings. All of them comprise my then thousand and eight beings kingdom and they all are my home.

I'm a flying ethereal being of the basin watershed of the river creek and the softly wet scent of the moss in the top of the mountain, I was born out kali and seeded seen in cosmic light. And that...That's my habitat, that's my home.


¨Human beings misbehave ones to each other, they are corrupt to each other, their business, laws, rules, religions, constitutions and patriotisms are corrupt, as well as they themselves are corrupt and imperfect, they condemn others by the same act they are able to cause, committing atrocities and gaslighting themselves between them until the same is returned and done, that's the way it has been, that's the way it happens to be, and finally that's going to be their end until they pretend to start again, being this way the truth, and the life, as the expression of an existential paradox¨


¨Certainly the cosmos is there to listen what it already knows, and to be heard about what it already is, and to reverberate in its own existence¨

Uncertainly Certain

¨Certainly, uncertain times have been always present, be complete with the present to be certain of what certainty is¨

Senseless wars

I'm apathetic of faulty perceptions that guide senseless wars between societies.


Being positive is biased
Being negative is biased
Being opportunistic is biased
Being optimist is biased
Being pessimist is biased
Being inexpedient is biased
Being truthful is biased
Being untruthful is biased 
Seeing what it is, its consciousness.


¨The Logic dimension of the mind depends on the conscious level attained and also the goal.¨

Cosmic Art of expression

¨The same thing, the same concept, expressed in different ways is the artistic compassionate way the cosmos has to provide and nurture our existence¨

Cosmic Expansion

¨The reverberance of a subtle x particle produces the depth cognition and tangible reproduction realization of that x particle¨

Real Do

Only conscious people understood that intention and verb are actions in the deepest and purest form.


What I can do for me I can do for you

Own Master

¨The lessons is that there is a point where we are our own masters because without our own will there is not a way to learn from anything¨


If something someone can say, would make you change from you doing a supposed benevolent action, it was never a benevolent action, only a manipulative tactical procedure.


"You can not trust anybody but also you can not live trusting in nobody"


The basic society cares about your material wealth, spiritual dimension cares if your good or bad, and the multi verse cares if your conscious or not, the highest Hierarchy in the existence is really only based over consciousness, to be clear.

By Paule Landinez


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