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Why is the conscious existence a divine artistic expression?

Please, Play this song and Listen while you read. What can be said about creativity?  What can be said about creative consciousness?  Careful attention to what is being creative, and what is about being conscious.  Creativity comes from creation, belief and inspiration, blowing life into something, but consciousness is to be aware of the ten thousand and eight details that are going on in the present of your existence and make them dance like a beautiful ode to the epic of life.  Blow life to life and Art will be a creative conscious symphonic portrait. Isn't the cosmos the artistic God's work? Oh, dear, certainly there are kingdoms based in dark negative energy conformed by ten thousand disgraceful  beings, but also there are kingdoms based on the eternal graceful light of ten thousand beings. All of them comprise my then thousand and one multi-dimensional beings kingdom and they all are my home. I'm a flying ethereal being of the basin watershed of the river creek and the

Why beyond respecting people's existence or perspectives it should be intentional?

Dear Reader: Have you wondered how relevant it is respecting different perspectives? Yesterday, I was obnoxiously told that If I wanted to be respected, I had to learn to take it well and deep but hard, anybody or " different perspectives"  would think that where was I, in order to meet such an insolence, and where is the prudency in talking publicly about this?  But let me tell you that this type of  situations are more common than what you may think, this is a collective thought current "let you be fucked for respect"  this type of perspective can happen everywhere, in ashram, churches, temples, Adheenams, or working places, banks, out of hypocrisy but honestly, that belief is nothing new, can you relate? and these could be a perspective by different type of people in different places, is this perspective to be respected also?  I can say: Pay attention to the intention behind what is said. Certainly, I must clarify again that regarding my s

How to successfully cope with the on going difficult times?

Are you bored and losing your mind,  no idea what to do? Do not find any sense in life and existence? Are you in despair because money seems to be unstable everywhere? Are you afraid to get sick or attempting to heal but supporting your loved ones? Are you losing your neurons in relating with housemates, the crazy news and politics? After covid, absolutely difficult times have been unleashed for societies these past months, but also, some lucky minorities were benefited having their times of the times, increasing their fortunes by the useful  applications and software that simplify our lives, time, efficiency, and delivering results as well as solving our needs, but anyways and regardless of what's your situation everyone has been challenged, if you are in between difficult psychological, mental, physical issues, boredom,  uncertainty and despair, or overload stress and burnout, I am here to provide tips and support your coping techniques through these isolating times in two steps:

What are the fifty steps to quit right now and become wealthy and rich! Find out!

Disclaimer:  This is nothing personal against anyone, it is just a blog. The main thing is to understand that if you practice this:  Life does not owe you nothing because you owe everything to life, buy also enjoying to: Be lazy and resist action Be a close minded Think life to be complicated These are difficult times Just learn little less Sleep more Wake up late Buy at bargain store Things are less possible this days Put water to increase shampoo Try to spend in waste Be cherishing scarcity Stay confused Never think you worth a penny Never be enough Have no goals or needs Why to even take a shower if you gonna be dirty again Get unhealthy habits and vicious addictions Just complain constantly as much as possible Care about nobody Life is against you Stay depressed Blame everyone else Compare yourself to others Share the least you have, but save the means Be stingy Leave everything to be done later Remember your childhood trauma Hate on them, be disrespectful  Be arrogant when listen

How the completion science for wealth can change your life

  Disclaimer:  Before starting, you must understand that it takes engagement, compromise and commitment with these instructions. "Secrets of Attracting Wealth" From the four principles of wealth creation and manifestation, we understood that a main pillar is Mindset, and hereby we will talk in-depth  about the way to heal, acquire and re- enforce a completion with the feeling and mindset of being wealthy, and how this science of completion for wealth can change your life! Wealth manifestation! Also, I  clarified that w hether you believe in religions, Gods or not, the base is your mindset, and we can implement mantras, and prayers for religious believers, and simple affirmations for atheists.  By now, we will start by Atheists, Just affirmations: Just by  continuous affirmations, declarations  and visualizations you can achieve to cognize a deeper and proper wealth mindset, by relaying on trust in your superior self that can make possible a positive attraction: I am happy and

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